Customer interview : Massimo Carraro, Morellato Group CEO

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“The ideal employee is able to combine strategic vision and operational skills.”

Morellato Group is a key player in the world of jewelry and watches. To Massimo Carraro, the CEO of this family business, human resources are the heart of the development strategy.


Can you tell us more about Morellato Group activities?

Morellato Group is a family company founded on 1930 and which retains its industrial vocation. For all of the watches and jewels of all our brands, property and licensed, we start with the design and, through our integrated supply chain, we reach the end consumer.

With our direct stores, now over 500, with our e-commerce sites and with a wholesale distribution in about 50 countries worldwide. For many years, our main markets have been France and Italy. We closed the 2021 financial statements with around 305 million euros of consolidated revenues, 20% of Ebitda and a very solid financial position.


How is doing your industry in the current situation?

In the current market, the jewels are performing better than watches.

The expansion of the omnichannel retail with online sales is a real additional business opportunity for us. 2021-2022: growth and positive result.


How do you differentiate yourself from competitors?

The Morellato Group offers a wide range of products and brands. Each with its own identity and design. Our artistic teams follow current trends and develop innovative models each season.

Our main strength is the quality of our products. We are committed to using precious materials such as 925 silver, genuine stones, diamonds … A quality that allows the sustainability of our jewelry at competitive prices.


Do you have any acquisition projects?

Yes, but non-disclosure before of finalizing.


When did you arrive at the head of the Morellato group?

In 1998, I took over the presidency of the Morellato Group. From a small manufacturer of watch straps, Morellato has become one of the main European players: watches / jewels – retail / wholesale, but always with a focus on innovation and quality.


Why a good HR policy is at the heart of your strategy?

In my opinion, growth and innovation only happen with quality human resources.

The key elements of our HR approach are to offer more training and to motivate the various departments via individual and team objectives.


What maining values do you look for in candidates?

The essential values to work in Morellato Group are ethics, transparency, work in team skills, focus on results.

The ideal employee is able to combine strategic vision and operational skills.


How Potentiel agency help you to find the right profiles?

The thing I like most about the Potentiel method is the precise analysis, together with the customer, on the profile to be searched for. Today, finding good profiles is less easy than a few years ago: it is even more important to understand what you are looking for, what the company needs.


How long have you been using the services of Potentiel?

Since the beginning of 2020, after the acquisition of the retail company, Cleor.


Are you convinced by Potentiel method?

Yes, we continue and will continue to use Potentiel services:

I think it is the best demonstration of our satisfaction in the method and in the results achieved with Potentiel.