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Your business is expanding and you need to surround yourself with new talent. You are looking for one or more multi-dimensional profile(s) who might join your management committee and/or become shareholders? You would like to find the right director, manager or leader profiles to help your team grow and ensure the effectiveness of your services and the group’s production?

The stakes of recruiting
senior executives and leaders


Recruiting a senior executive and leader, whether it be a temporary or permanent position, is not the same as hiring any other employee, Leclere Executive, a special unit of the Potentiel Conseil agency, has a specific offer to support you in this project that requires strategy and expertise.


Indeed, recruiting a good senior executive in France is a major decision. This person needs to have the skills of a good leader, be able to unify a team, to grow the company, to carry the company’s vision, have experience in management and training – while also listening to the teams and the customers and knowing how to pivot when the situation requires it.


This task is even more complex for you because senior executives and leaders already have positions and are not looking for work. You must assess the qualities of their profile while finding the senior executive, director, or leader who will fit into your business and ensure its development.


Potentiel and its consultants will help you search for profiles who would make good senior executives for you – more than for any other recruitment, you cannot make a mistake. You need a sales director, leader or manager who can, as soon as they take on the role, be good for your company’s public image, whether in a permanent or temporary capacity. They will ensure your company of any size is well-positioned, develops and is able to meet customer demands.

Our areas of expertise

  • Recruiting senior executives and leaders: Leclere Executive supports Human Resources departments and CEOs in recruiting members of their executive committee in Paris, Lyon and all over France, for any type of company, from small and intermediate businesses, to franchises, and large French and European groups… We are at your service to fill your positions with experienced applicants who know how to lead a team and fill a management role.


  • Recruitment of potential buyers in fusion-acquisitions with financiers: you are looking to meet a challenge in leading a growing company and become a shareholder? Leclere Executive is in contact with investors with purchasing or selling orders who come to us to find the best senior executive, in particular CEOs, managers or leaders. As a consultant, we can introduce you so your strategy pays off.


  • Supporting buyers: you would like to progressively take a step back from leading your company and pass the baton to a trusted colleague. When a company is bought, it is a huge change both for employees and customers. We understand your desire to conserve the spirit of the group for the public and for your network. To make the transition easier, we help the buyer get the necessary training, to learn your business and your work methods, its activities, its management, and introduce them to your customers and business partners.

How does Potentiel Conseil meet your needs
in terms of recruiting senior executives?


A RECRUITMENT METHODOLOGY centered on experienced consultants with high-potential Top Management profiles.


Beyond the skills mentioned in the job offer, WE UNDERSTAND THE OVERALL NEED (the company’s values, the DNA of the company, hiring context).


A RECRUITMENT AND ADVISORY APPROACH TO SUPPORT YOU for all your management, head-hunting, training and strategy needs…


DIRECT APPROACH METHODOLOGIES AND PROVEN INTERVIEW TECHNIQUES to identify the best profiles and assess them: understanding the person’s key personality traits, overall personality, level of motivation regarding the project.


APPROVAL OF THE PROFILE(S) after a precise and rigorous multi-stage selection process.

Thanks to our search and consulting strategy centered on matching your activity and team with the experience and management skills of the applicants, we will find the director, leader, manager or sales representative you need. Your job offer in Lyon, Paris or anywhere else in France will be filled by a leader who can best serve your customers.

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Are you planning on recruiting a senior executive for your company?


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