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Sales representative recruitment

Potentiel Conseil is committed to a people-centric approach, offering its services and support for the recruitment of your sales representatives.

The stakes of recruiting
sales representative profiles


Beyond their role in developing your business, your sales representatives are the face of your company. They are the point of contact for your customers and the first relationship with your leads. They should also help you gain a better understanding of customers’ expectations and suggest innovative new solutions. Your ideal profile should have a diverse set of skills with both business and soft skills. This is a rare find on the job market in France, with sales representatives in high demand.

It is also essential that the applicants’ personality be a good fit with your company’s ambitions, both to convince them to join your company and to ensure they remain in your company for the years to come. It is not always easy to see whether this is the case during a traditional job interview.


Potentiel Conseil identifies the best applicants to offer them the roles and projects they are interested in and that fit with their values, which are key factors driving interest and motivation.

Sales representative recruitment:
the ideal profile


Recruiting a sales representative requires analysing the profile of each applicant. While a resume is a good starting point to get an idea of their training and skills, it remains necessary to schedule an interview. During the interview, the recruiter will pay particular attention to whether the applicant demonstrates the essential qualities needed for the job.


 Any good sales representative, regardless of experience level, should have a deep knowledge of the features of the products or services to be highlighted. Their experience allows them to know the market, the industry and the company’s competitors.


Managing a customer portfolio requires organisation and attention to detail as well as a good memory. Sales positions require an acute sense of organisation, expert-level knowledge of offers and responsibility.


Sales representatives are in contact with customers throughout the working day. This means they must have some empathy. They must also be calm in stressful situations when a customer is dissatisfied. This means that when recruiting sales representatives, we need to ensure they can withstand the stress that comes with the job.


The sales representative hired by the company must be able to take a step back after a failure to revisit the strategy. They are in charge of developing their area and customer portfolio.


Enthusiasm, confidence and energy are necessary character traits for the job. They allow the sales representative to put forward a high quality pitch with a passion for sales.

Recruiting sales representatives:
what are some common mistakes companies make?


As we have just stated, personality is a key component to be assessed when hiring a sales representative. But managers or directors do not always have the skills required to detect the best profiles. This means that the most common mistake companies make when they recruit their executives themselves is a lack of judgement.

How does Potentiel Conseil meet your
sales representative recruitment needs?


Potentiel Conseil sales representative recruitment agency is an expert in head-hunting sales representatives: technical sales representatives, sales managers, export or office salespersons, sales engineers… We find your future talents. We support you throughout the hiring process, taking the time to first get to know you and target your expectations. The agency has a dedicated and, specialised search team with relevant sourcing tools to provide a high-quality, targeted approach.

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